MK1 Smoke Combos

If you want to know the different MK1 Smoke combos, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to show you a list of Smoke combos in Mortal Kombat 1, along with an explanation on what the various numbers and letters mean. Just in case you’re not familiar with the fighting game vocabulary. Let’s get into it.

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mk1 smoke combos
MK1 Smoke Combos

Smoke Combos in Mortal Kombat 1

Before we get into the Smoke combos in MK1, or Mortal Kombat 1, we have to explain the language of the formulas. I know that people who are into fighting games are generally familiar with the terminology, but you never know which game might be someone’s introduction to the genre. With that said, here’s a legend of terms, and a picture that explains what the numbers and letters mean.

  • ex – Enhanced Special Move
  • j – Jump
  • jk – Jump Kick
  • k – Kameo
  • ~ – Cancel into next move
  • + – Press buttons at the same time
smoke combos in mortal kombat 1
Button mapping

With all that out of the way, here’s a list of different combos that you can execute as Smoke in MK1, as shown by ahmz1404 over on YouTube. Take a look at their video to see the combos in action and get a feel for the input timing. Also, use the training mode to practice before taking the moves to the stage.

  • Kombos
    • 11~bf3 – more starters: 1114, f12, f1224, 212, b23, f32
    • f32~db2 – more starters: f12, 212
    • f1224~db1 – more starters: f121+3, b23
    • f121+3~db4 – more starters: f4
    • f121+3~db4 ex, j112
    • f121+3~db4 ex, j11~db4 ex, j11~db4 ex, j112
    • f121+3~u+k, f121+3~db1 – Scorpion Kameo
    • f12~f+k, 32, f121+3~db1 – Scorpion Kameo
    • 32, f121+3~db1
    • 32, j112
    • 32, dash, 32, f121+3~db1
    • 32, dash, 32, j112 – 331
    • 32, j11~db4 ex, j112
    • 32, j11~db4 ex, j11~db4 ex, j11~db4 ex, j112 – delay the 2nd j11
    • air-to-air j11~db4 ex, j11~db4 ex, j11~db4 ex, j112
    • 11~bf3~b+block, 1114~bf3
    • f12~bf3~b+block, f1224~db1
    • f32~bf3~b+block, 32, dash, 32, f121+3~db1
    • f32~bf3~b+block, 32, dash, 32, j112
    • f32~bf3~b+block, 32, j11~db4 ex, j112
    • d2, uf+block, 11~db4 ex, 112
  • Corner
    • f121+3, f121+3~db1
    • f121+3, 32, 3~db1
    • f121+3, 32, 32~d+k, j344 – Scorpion Kameo
    • f121+3, 32, 32~d+k, 3~db1 – Scorpion Kameo
    • f121+3, f121+3~db4 ex, 11~db4
    • f121+3, f121+3~db4 ex, 11~db4 ex, 112
    • 32, 32, 3~db1
    • 32, 32, 32~d+k, 3~db1 – Scorpion Kameo
    • f32~bf3 b+block, 32, 32, 3~db1
  • Fatal Blow
    • starter~Fatal Blow
    • 32, 4~Fatal Blow
    • f32~bf3 b+block, 32, 4~Fatal Blow
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