How to Make BG3 Hag's Bane, Fey Flower and Essence Locations

In our How to Make BG3 Hag’s Bane, Fey Flower and Essence Locations guide, we are going to show you where to find the Hag’s Bane recipe in Old Harlow’s Place and how to brew the Hag’s Bane potion. It’s a long way, though. The recipe is squirreled away in a safe. Then we get to gathering ingredients, which are pretty rare. Once we have all that figured out, we need to make the potion and find out how to use it. We’ll cover all of that in the guide, so let’s jump right in.

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how to make bg3 hags bane fey flower and essence locations
How to Make BG3 Hag’s Bane, Fey Flower and Essence Locations

BG3 Hag’s Bane Recipe Location

The location of the Hag’s Bane recipe, which you’ll need in order to make the potion in BG3 or Baldur’s Gate 3, is in Old Garlow’s Place. That’s an old, decrepit house in the Lower City, at X: -66, Y: -150. Don’t worry too much about it; the Save Vanra quest will take you there at one point. Inside the house, at the coordinates X: -59, Y: -146, you will find a safe on the wall. Inside, there’s the Tear-Stained Journal. Read it to get the recipe. The second important item in the safe is the Ashes of Dried Fey Flower. This is a key ingredient for the potion, so DO NOT use it for anything else. By the way, Mayrina will point you towards the safe once you manage to uncurse her by using the Voodoo Doll, but that’s a matter for a different guide.

bg3 hags bane recipe location
Recipe location (click or tap to enlarge)

How to Make BG3 Hag’s Bane Potion

To make the BG3 Hag’s Bane potion, you will need one Ashes of Dried Fey Flower and any Essence. We’ll go into more details about both of those ingredients in the next section. Point is, once you have the necessary things, you can brew the thing the same way you make any other one. Even though the Hag’s Bane is used more like a Molotov cocktail against Hags, it’s still just a potion. Just hit H, then go into Grenades. You can easily figure it out from there, I’m pretty sure. Now for the ingredients themselves.

Where to Find Fey Flower and Essence in Baldur’s Gate 3

In order to make the Hag’s Bane potion in Baldur’s Gate 3 or BG3, you need two ingredients, as we’ve already said: the Ashes of Dried Fey Flower and any Essence. Now, we’ve already explained how you can get the Fey Flower, but the issue is, you might have accidentally used it for something else. Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world.

Where to Get Ashes of Dried Fey’s Flower BG3

Aside from the safe we’ve mentioned in the first section, there’s another place where you can grab the Ashes of Dried Fey’s Flower. According to vinny8b on Reddit, there’s another one in the traveler’s case. The room where the case lies is also in Garlow’s place; it’s the one where the dark-skinned dwarf paces around.

Where to Get Hag’s Bane Essence BG3

The easiest way to get an essence to make the Hag’s Bane Potion in BG3 is to go to the coordinates X: -7, Y: 149. According to WellingtonBananas on Reddit, it’s “just south of the bridge before Wyrm Rock, far nw of the waypoint for South Span of Wyrm Crossing.” You will have to climb a ladder to get to the store from which you can purchase an Essence.

How to Use Hag’s Bane in Baldur’s Gate 3

As I’ve said above, once you make the Hag’s Bane potion in BG3 or Baldur’s Gate 3, you use it like a bomb. Once you’re face to face with Auntie Ethel in her true form, you can throw the Hag’s Bane onto her. This will cause Ethel to throw Vanra up. After that, you can proceed with the fight normally. Just remember to destroy the mushrooms first if you want the hag to stay down. If you miss, be sure to attack Ethel with non-lethal attacks only to knock her out. That will allow you to cut Vanra out.

Now, as far as how to throw the Hag’s Bane, there are two ways. The first one is to right-click the potion in your inventory, then select Throw. Alternatively, you can select the Throw action from your action bar in the bottom of the screen. However you do it, take aim at Ethel and chuck the potion at her. You might have to maneuver into a position from where you can reach her.

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