Intercept Radio Transmissions MW2 Warzone Shadow Siege

Knowing how to Intercept 5 radio transmissions in the MW2 Warzone Operation Rogue Arsenal Shadow Siege event is essential if you want to earn the 1 Battle Token Tier Skip reward. Read on as we explain all you need to know about this challenge and how to complete it.

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Intercept Radio Transmissions MW2 Warzone Shadow Siege

How to Intercept Radio Transmissions in MW2 Warzone Shadow Siege Event

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III has now been officially revealed via the Shadow Siege limited-time event in Warzone. This unique story event continues the story we’ve been following via DMZ and RAID missions. The Operation Rogue Arsenal mission, which is the first part of the event, represents the final chapter of this story. And consequently, it also reveals the events and characters that will kick off the story of MW3.

As a part of the Shadow Siege Event’s Operation Rogue Arsenal mission, players will need to Intercept 5 radio transmissions of the Konni group. Completing this challenge will earn you the 1 Battle Token Tier Skip reward. Sounds rather easy on paper. However, many players aren’t actually sure how to do it. Here’s how.

Once you reveal the underground weapons facility for manufacturing chemical weaponry underneath the Zaya Observatory, you’ll need to find 45 gas canisters inside it. However, the facility is swarmed with Konni agents who will attack you on sight. Hence, you will need to eliminate quite a few of them. Occasionally, Konni bots will drop their walkie-talkies when dead. And in order to Intercept 5 Radio Transmissions in the MW2 Warzone Shadow Siege event, you will need to interact with these phones.

And that’s it. That’s how you intercept radio transmissions in the Warzone Shadow Siege event. Hence, keep your eyes open for those Konni agents’ phones and make sure to interact with them once you spot them. Do this five times, and the 1 Battle Token Tier Skip reward is yours!

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