Payday 3 Dirty Ice Vault

Figuring out how to unlock and open the Payday 3 Dirty Ice vault has been difficult for a lot of players, it seems. That’s mostly due to the fact they can’t find the second button. The game tells you that it’s somewhere in the level, but not its exact location. And you can turn the whole place upside-down, and you won’t find it, because it’s not a button at all. Here’s how it works.

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payday 3 dirty ice vault
Payday 3 Dirty Ice Vault

How to Open Payday 3 Dirty Ice Vault

To open the Payday 3 Dirty Ice vault, you have to either have at least two people on the team, or be really quick. First off, we have to explain where the second button is. The first one is on the manager’s desk, but the second one is a mystery. That’s because it’s not a button at all. It’s actually the keycard reader right next to the vault door. To open it, you need the red keycard, the location of which is usually in the basement, where the camera dude is. You will need a pin pad to get in there, and the hint to the code is in the manager’s office. There’s also a safe down there, which contains some papers you can snap a photo of, but that’s besides the point.

The next step to open the Dirty Ice vault in Payday 3 is to scan the keycard and press the button on the manager’s desk at the same time. This is the tricky part. You and your co-player have to coordinate the hit carefully, because it absolutely has to be simultaneous. Also, the targeting seems to be a bit janky, so you might have to try a few times even if you get the timing right. If you’re alone, you can shove a hostage at the desk. They will then automatically press the button. As far as we can tell, you then get a bit more time to swipe the keycard; as in, it doesn’t have to be at the same time. I still recommend doing this with a friend, since the hostage AI is not always dependable.

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