All Starfield Hab Modules Explained, Complete Ship Habs List

Knowing what each of the Hab Modules does for your ship in Starfield is essential if you want to plan your starship properly. Unfortunately, Bethesda seems not to agree with us on this matter. Hence, the game has been launched without any concrete explanations of what every Hab Module adds to the ship and what their role is. In this guide, we provide a full list of all Starfield Ship Hab Modules. What they do, and what they add to your ship, and more.

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All Starfield Hab Modules Explained
All Starfield Hab Modules Explained

What Does Each Hab Module Add to You Ship in Starfield

Starship construction in Starfield is such a massive and elaborate part of the game that it might as well be a game in its own right. The game is barely out, and fans are already sharing their wild creations online. If you are into it, you can sink in countless hours in designing ships. With such a robust system, it is a shame that Bethesda didn’t put more ways to properly explain what each part of the ship does. This is particularly obvious with the HAB tab. Namely, the game doesn’t provide the exact information on what each HAB unit adds to your ship. Thus, players have to play a guessing game in order to find what they need.

Namely, these habitat modules act like living areas where players can move around the ship. However, they also add vital parts to your ship, such as Pharmaceutical labs, Research Stations, Workshop Benches, and more. Alas, the game doesn’t tell you which Hab module adds any of this. Luckily for you and us, someone has already made a complete spreadsheet with all Habitats and their benefits.

Complete List of Every Starfield Ship Hab and Module

Below, you will find images with all currently available ship HAB Modules in Starfield, along with a complete breakdown of what each Habitat provide to your ship. With this, you will know exactly what you need to add to your ship in order to unlock the feature you need. The list features all practical additions that add something to your ship. For the purpose of this article, we didn’t focus on cosmetical additions provided by Starfield’s ship Hab Moduels. Finally, make sure to click on images in order to zoom in and see all the details.

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  1. J
    John Doe

    It looks as though the data table you’ve included on this page has all the details shifted over to the right. If you look, you’ll see that the ‘Type’ column is all blank and the ‘Dimensions’ column is showing the type of HABs instead.

    1. Oh, I see. Thanks for noticing, I will change it soon!

      1. D

        It would also be helpful if the column header row was locked.

  2. D
    Don Jhoe

    Not very relevant to what you’re trying to convey in your spreadsheets, but for the sake of completeness:

    HopeTech and Nova have additional 1x1s at HopeTown. HopeTech has a Companionway whose exterior blends the curves of the Tri-lobe cockpits into the rest of the ship. Nova has what looks like 9 months after a Daddy Engine Mount had too much to drink with a Mommy Hamster Tube. Cross frames aligned in the surge axis, and brace-ways along the sway axis.

    No different goodies inside them, but they exist.

  3. L

    It’s great people are starting to publish the layouts. I’d like to see bathrooms included on these lists. While they have no function in game, they have value for immersion. Same for things like crew tables which do have a function as crew members will sandbox there. It’s nice to see a few crew members sitting at a table together in the “crew lounge”.

    Also all of features occur at specific static spots in the hab layout. If you place windows or the game places a door there, you do not get that feature. It would be valuable to see those layouts. People could then predict their ship build outcomes better.

  4. D

    On a side note, be careful when using the mannequins in the nova armory as they reset each time you modify or upgrade your ship. You will lose any object put in them.
    Worth mentioning it, I lost my Bounty hunter suit at it ?

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