How to Get Drilling Rigs in Starfield

Drilling rig is a rare manufactured component in Starfield used for crafting that you start wondering about how to get as soon as you start building more advanced outpost parts. When you want to build tier 2 resource extractors you’ll notice drilling rigs are required. You might have come across this rare component during your adventures. Inventory space is precious, however, and now you’re regretting not picking it up. There are several easy and some not so easy ways to get drilling rigs in Starfield and you’ll find out how bellow.

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Starfield Drilling Rigs

Where to Get Drilling Rig in Starfield?

You can find drilling rigs in various points of interest on Starfield planets, but the easier way to get them is by buying them from vendors. If a point of interest, like an outpost or a base on a planet, has a manufacturing section it is more likely you’ll find this component inside. Since it is rare you’ll only find a few in hours of gameplay. You’ll need five of them just to research Resource Extraction 1, so a more prudent way is to look for vendors that sell them. Most trading hubs, on all planets that have major factions, have a trader that sells them. In New Atlantis on planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system go to the commercial district and look to your right to find Outland. If you reach Terrabrew coffee shop then you went too far. Outland shop sells Starfield drilling rigs for 146 credits.

How to Get Drilling Rigs in Starfield

List of Vendors that Sell Drilling Rigs in Starfield

Here’s a list of all shops selling Starfield drilling rigs.

  • Outland, commercial district in New Atlantis on planet Jemison in Alpha Centauri system.
  • UC Exchange, Cydonia on Mars in the Sol system. Small shop on the left just before the Face of Mars statue.
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters, in the city of Neon on Volii Alpha in the Volii system. Just to your right as you exit the starport dock and enter Neon city proper.
  • General Goods, found in the Key star station orbiting Suvorov in Kryx system. You have to be friendly with the Crimson Fleet pirates to enter.
  • Sometimes Starfield drilling rigs appear in inventories of general vendors like UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis or Sheperd’s General Store in Akila City. You might find them at Trade Authority physical shops as well.
starfield outland shop vendor

Can You Craft Drilling Rigs in Starfield?

Yes, you can craft drilling rigs in starfield, but it’s complicated and expensive. Unlike regular components you can make at industrial benches drilling rigs are not easy to craft, however it is doable. To craft Starfield drilling rigs you need to invest one skill point into Outpost Engineering in the Science tree. You then have to research Manufacturing 2 in Outpost Development. This lets you create compound fabricators in your outpost. These fabricators create drilling rigs when fed the proper materials. You need reactive gauges, produced by simple fabricators, tungsten, lubricant and 8 power.

Carft Drilling Rigs in Starfield

I also believe that if you reach rank 2 in Special Projects skill in the Science tree you’ll be able to craft drilling rigs at an industrial bench. This requires lots of skill points in the skill tree. Maybe best just buy them from vendors.

special projects rank 2 skill

Aldumite Drilling Rig Starfield

Thinking regular drilling rigs are hard to come by and then you reach outpost engineering 3 and see you need Aldumite drilling rigs. These suckers are even harder to produce. They are unique manufactured components used in crafting. Use for these components is found very late after spending hundreds of hours in the game. You can craft the most advanced resource extractors with them. They can be crafted if you unlock Special Projects skill rank 4, but they are very easy to find at vendors. Outland on New Atlantis has them in stock more often than not. Price is around 300 credits a piece. I also find them very often at General Goods at the Key star station. The home of the Crimson Fleet Pirates.

Aldumite Drilling Rig Starfield
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