Starfield Ron Hope Choice

Starfield allows you to join, and advance in, several different factions. One of these is the Freestar Collective. The final mission in this faction’s questchain is “The Hammer Falls”. And here, you will have to decide what is going to happen to Ron Hope. The CEO of HopeTech and one of the most influential people in the game, you can either spare or kill Ron Hope. So which is the better Ron Hope choice in Starfield? To make sure that you are going to make the best possible choice for you and your character, we are going to tell you what the pros and cons of each decision are right here.

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Starfield Ron Hope Choice
Starfield Ron Hope Choice

Starfield Ron Hope Choice – Should You Spare Or Kill Ron Hope

Once you confront Ron Hope, you are going to be given several choices. First, he is going to offer you a bribe of 20.000 Credits, and you can accept it if you want. If you have a sufficiently high Negotiation Skill, you can even increase this to 50.000 Credits. Naturally, your companions won’t be too happy with you if you have done this. The next Starfield Ron Hope decision involves keeping his secret. Ron will argue that many families will be left destitute if he goes to jail and that’s why you should not try and arrest him. This doesn’t involve taking a bribe, though your companions will still be unhappy with this decision.

And, finally, you can choose to try and arrest Ron Hope. He won’t like this and you will be forced to kill him. Unlike the previous two decisions, your companions like this outcome.

Which is the Best Ron Hope Choice in Starfield

So, now that you know what all three choices lead to, should you kill or spare Ron Hope? Well, it all boils down to your role-playing preferences. If you are playing a more morally-dubious character (and especially if you are strapped for cash), then you can accept his bribe. If you think the happiness of all the families he gives jobs to outweighs his personal crimes – but don’t want to accept his bribe – then you can keep his secret. And if you think that he is a dangerous and corrupt man that needs to be brough to justice – by any means possible – then you should kill him. Remember, there are no right or wrong decisions here, so select the option that you prefer. Personally, we chose to try and arrest him, after which we had no choice but to bring him down.

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